Working In The Media Sector

The Creative and Media sectors are immensely broad these days, encompassing roles across Advertising, Entertainment, Data, Digital, Tech, Marketing…

Sector Overview

The Creative and Media sectors are immensely broad these days, encompassing roles across Advertising, Entertainment, Data, Digital, Tech, Marketing and more. As the world has shifted online, so too have the types of roles that are required for modern media businesses to flourish. Traditional broadcast media is still at the heart of the industry (TV, Radio, Print & Press) but these mediums are now amplified by digital channels for greater personalisation and consistent engagement with audiences – video on demand, websites, emails, and social media to name a few. 


With the rapid expansion of the media landscape, there has been a subsequent explosion in the number of roles available. Below, we discuss the types of roles that are  typically available within the sector, the perks of working in the media industry, as well as some of the top employers that we have long-standing relationships with at Christopher Keats.


Types of Roles Available in the Media Sector

Where to begin? The evolution of the sector has created a plethora of opportunities for individuals with different skill-sets and interests, which simply didn’t exist in previous eras. There’s space in the sector for those with a passion for data, digital marketers, marketers, HR/talent, designers, and of course for creative minds too.

Here are some of the areas that employers within the media and creative industries will typically recruit for:



Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, Talent Management, People Operations, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion



Scriptwriting, Editing, Photography, Videography, Animation


Media Strategist

Responsible for planning and executing media campaigns on behalf of advertisers or agencies, which includes programmatic as well as other channels.



Events, Branding, Partnerships, Copywriting, Communications, Public Relations, Influencer Management



Data Analysis, Data Science, Insights & Analytics, and Research


Digital Marketing

Social Media, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Programmatic, Media Planning, User Experience, Search Engine Optimisation



Graphic Design, Product Design, Multimedia Design, Illustration

You can view our live jobs to see the media jobs that we’re currently recruiting for and easily apply online! If there isn’t a live role available that matches what you’re looking for, it’s still worth sending your CV over and having a chat with our team as we frequently add new jobs.

The Perks of Working in the Media Sector

Working in the Creative and Media sectors is hugely desirable for many young working professionals, and for good reason too. Whether you’re looking to take on exciting challenges, be exposed to the best creative minds, or immerse yourself in the glamor of the sector, you’ll be right at home.

Here are our top 5 perks of working in the sector:



Personal Growth

The media sector is evolving at an unprecedented pace, which requires individuals to stay abreast of the latest developments in culture, trends, creative, digital, and tech. You can be certain that a role in the media industry will allow you to gain experience in challenging and fast-paced environments, develop new skills quickly, and collaborate with global teams.



Being involved in the media sector, you can be sure to be exposed to some of the best creative minds in their fields. The media and creative sectors respond to but also drive the culture of the nation, so you’ll be exposed to pioneering ideas that help shape the society around you.



Many employers in the media and creative sectors are based in cities’ creative hubs, creating a network of like minded, creative and forward thinking and culturally relevant peers. These areas are renowned for their proximity to the best bars, restaurants, nightlife, and indeed culture. You’ll never run out of excellent options for lunch, after work drinks, sightseeing, and nights out.



Whether you’re working for a broadcast media company, an advertising firm, or a media agency – you’ll likely collaborate on projects with huge international scope that could be seen by millions of people. Many of the top media and creative employers will have offices all around the globe, so you’ll also gain excellent exposure to other cultures and other ways of working. 

Top Creative & Media Employers

At Christopher Keats Media, we’ve recruited for many of the top creative, entertainment, advertising, and media companies in London for the last 35 years. Check out some of the employers we work with below, and keep an eye on our jobs board for our latest roles!



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